Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Options Added to F# Snippets

I added two options to the snippets.

  • Use space to commit is determine if space key can be to insert the content. The current behavior is TRUE

    Here is a sample to help you understand what is going on.

    1. type "cl".
    2. if this value is TRUE, when you press space, "class" will generated. If this value is FALSE, the space will be inserted.

  • Show Intellisense in session is to determine if another f# snippet message should be shown during the snippet session. The current behavior is TRUE.

    this one is tricky. Let us see this sample:

    1. type "cl"
    2. use tab to complete the "class"
    3. use tab to start the code snippet session
    4. type "cl", if the value is TRUE, the intellisense will show "class". If it is FALSE, nothing will show.
  • The third one's name explains everything. If this option selected, only TAB is accepted as the way to insert code snippet, the ENTER key is disabled. The default value is NOT selected.
the F# built-in intellisense will always show. But you can use "ESC" to dismiss it and still keep the code snippet session active. The old behavior is when you use "ESC", the code snippet session is gone as well (bad!).

Please go to Setup instruction to download latest zip file to do a clean setup or go to VS Gallery to download latest package only (without index xml file)

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