Sunday, August 5, 2012

Self Note: Yahoo Finance Tags

Sample to use the following tags:

aAska2Average Daily Volumea5Ask Size
bBidb2Ask (Real-time)b3Bid (Real-time)
b4Book Valueb6Bid SizecChange & Percent Change
c1Changec3Commissionc6Change (Real-time)
c8After Hours Change (Real-time)dDividend/Shared1Last Trade Date
d2Trade DateeEarnings/Sharee1Error Indication (returned for symbol changed / invalid)
e7EPS Estimate Current Yeare8EPS Estimate Next Yeare9EPS Estimate Next Quarter
f6Float SharesgDay’s LowhDay’s High
j52-week Lowk52-week Highg1Holdings Gain Percent
g3Annualized Gaing4Holdings Gaing5Holdings Gain Percent (Real-time)
g6Holdings Gain (Real-time)iMore Infoi5Order Book (Real-time)
j1Market Capitalizationj3Market Cap (Real-time)j4EBITDA
j5Change From 52-week Lowj6Percent Change From 52-week Lowk1Last Trade (Real-time) With Time
k2Change Percent (Real-time)k3Last Trade Sizek4Change From 52-week High
k5Percebt Change From 52-week HighlLast Trade (With Time)l1Last Trade (Price Only)
l2High Limitl3Low LimitmDay’s Range
m2Day’s Range (Real-time)m350-day Moving Averagem4200-day Moving Average
m5Change From 200-day Moving Averagem6Percent Change From 200-day Moving Averagem7Change From 50-day Moving Average
m8Percent Change From 50-day Moving AveragenNamen4Notes
oOpenpPrevious Closep1Price Paid
p2Change in Percentp5Price/Salesp6Price/Book
qEx-Dividend DaterP/E Ratior1Dividend Pay Date
r2P/E Ratio (Real-time)r5PEG Ratior6Price/EPS Estimate Current Year
r7Price/EPS Estimate Next YearsSymbols1Shares Owned
s7Short Ratiot1Last Trade Timet6Trade Links
t7Ticker Trendt81 yr Target PricevVolume
v1Holdings Valuev7Holdings Value (Real-time)w52-week Range
w1Day’s Value Changew4Day’s Value Change (Real-time)xStock Exchange
yDividend Yield

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