Saturday, November 17, 2012

F# on Mac

Today I decided to try F# on Mac computer. For a person working for Windows platform for years, it is not easy. Hopefully this post can help people with the same background. :)

  • Go to
  • On the left side, you can find "F# On Mac"

  • follow the installation instruction on the page to install MonoDevelop and Mono 3.0.
For me, the created project has a FSharp.Core.dll which cannot be resolved. I have to use the Mac OS Terminal to set up the GAC.

The Mac OS Terminal is under Application->Utilities.

then follow the instruction at After I execute

> sudo gacutil -i /usr/lib/fsharp/FSharp.Core.dll

I removed the FSharp.Core.dll from the reference. It actually works. :)

Now I can use Mac at home to program F#. What a nice day.. :)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think you can ignore the error about FSharp.Core - the project still builds and runs anyway??

Also always retarget projects to .NET 4.0 or 4.5, for some reason they default to 3.5