Thursday, October 25, 2018

F# Enum usage II

I want to take a quick note on the F# enum usage again. The supporting of the space and unique character in F# language and editor is a great feature can make your development work much more comfortable. I am in the Web API front these days.

One of the requirement is to provide options to end users. If an application only takes "excellent choice", "good option", "ok choice", and "bad and never go there" as options, I'd like to offload these values check to the type system instead of handling the error in my code.

If I can declare the enum like the following

type enum MyEnum =
    ``excellent choice`` = 0
    | ``good option`` = 1

After declaring the enum-as-string attribute on the attribute [JsonConverter(typeof(StringEnumConverter))], the output and input validation is solved in one shoot.

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