Sunday, October 21, 2012

F# MakeFunction

For a long time, I cannot find a sample for F#'s MakeFunction sample. Now I got one.. :)

The following code redefine the printfn function.

   open System  
   type FSV = Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection.FSharpValue  
   type FST = Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection.FSharpType  
   let notImpl<'T> : 'T = raise (NotImplementedException())  
   let printfn (fmt : Printf.TextWriterFormat<'T>) : 'T =   
     let rec chain (ty : System.Type) : obj =   
       if FST.IsFunction ty then  
         let argTy, retTy = FST.GetFunctionElements ty  
         FSV.MakeFunction(ty, (fun _ -> chain retTy))  
         if ty.IsValueType then Activator.CreateInstance(ty) else null  
     chain typeof<'T> :?> 'T  
   let printf fmt = printfn fmt  

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