Monday, October 10, 2011

F# doing WP7 app - Graphic calculator

All WP7 by F# can be found at:

The reason I choose F# as my major programming for WP7 application is because

  • F# is .net based language
  • F# requires less code when program the same feature. 
  • F# library and community provides large number of good algorithms, some of them are exotic and never heard of. But over all, that give me confident that I can have more stuff to show on a phone.
  • my previous experience shows F# generate less bugs. 

Many people as what is some real world app using F#? Here are some Windows Phone 7 app by F#. This app is XNA based. There are some app's, such as games, silverlight based application and games and tools

Calculator Pro is a professional calculator. More than 150 functions are supported. It supports:
  1. 50+ math operations, including advanced trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, and eight variable storage spaces. 
  2. Programmer calculation, hex and oct calculation, bitwise calculation (including AND, OR, XOR), and float to/from int conversion. 
  3. Unit conversion, convert well known US units to metric units. 
  4. Function diagram: use your fingers to change range and understand how the function looks like in an easier way.
  5. Canada income tax calculation
  6. Tip calculation: support sale tax, number of person, round tip, and total display to make your tip calculation much easier.
  7. Statistics functions: stddev, average, Pearson correlation, Spearman correlation, normal distribution, skew, kurt.
  8. Quadratic equation: solve the Quadratic function, proivde you delta (discriminant), x1, and x2. solution can be in imaginary number format.
  9. Mortgage and loan: given term, interest rate, down payment, tax per year, fee per month, and loan amount and get the monthly payment.
  10. Currency conversion feature which enable you to get latest currency rate from Yahoo. By click the "To ANSW" button, you can link the rate with other calculation easily.
  11. Money value mode: get present value and/or future value by giving interest, payment, growth rate and period.
  12. Email funtion: email your last calculation result and merge to your document. You can keep track your tip, and unit conversion, and other computation.
  13. SMS function: SMS your last calculation result when do not have data access.

You got 11 calculation functions within one single app!

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