Monday, October 10, 2011

F# doing WP7 app - More Silverlight

All WP7 by F# can be found at:

Listed below:
  • Earthquake Alert

The earthquake alert notifies you the unusual shake occurred on the surface where the phone is put on. Put the phone on a still flat surface and press start in the next page to start the application. The screen lock will be disabled, so your phone will use more power than usual. Connect the phone charger if you plan to leave the application open for long time, for example, when sleeping. The screen lock will be reactivated once the application is closed. Please Use the phone’s volume control to adjust the alert sound volume to your preferred level.

This application is not a replacement of professional devices. Please always contact your local authority to verify.

  • Expert Sudoku
This game is for those truly into Sudoku, an addictive and challenging game that will drive you mad but keep you itching for more.  Expert Sudoku provides over 6000 expert level puzzles.All games are true Sudoku, with a single solution that can be discovered by logic alone. If you doubt that a Sudoku puzzle can be solved by logic, simply have the hint system show it to you step by step. Come enjoy the rich feature set and advanced hint system. The more you play, the more of a Sudoku expert you will be!

Features include:

- Over 6000 free Sudoku puzzles 
- Optimized for fewer touches
- Undo/redo
- Large, high contrast digits are easy to read
- Ability to delete all pencil marks and/or reset puzzle
- Hint system to provide advice once you're stuck.  
- Ability to check all pencil marks with one key stroke
- Save partially solved games
- Load games 
- Enable user to choose if to show suggestion and highlight
- Save current game as a picture

  • Level
 two tools in one: a level and it also show the current the gravity unit and record the gravity. The level also provides the lean angle and measure angles by using saved angle feature.

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