Monday, October 10, 2011

F# doing WP7 app - Some Games

All WP7 by F# can be found at:

There are some basic games done by F# to explore how to use F# and XNA.

  • Crazy Falling Ball 2

Crazy Falling Ball 2 is the completely upgraded version of the well beloved crazy falling ball. 

1. Improved control. Easier and more responsive. 
2. More relistic physics.
3. Additional barriers forcing the ball to jump up, down, left and right, making it more challenging and fun!
4. Score Ranking section to record your best performance on each of the seven levels. 
5. add prize mode: to get more prize score
6. add math mode: try to control the ball to make the aggregation value to be 0
Tilt the phone to guide the ball through fast moving barriers moving upward.  Seven levels from piece of cake to impossibly tough. See how quick you can move the ball to the bottom and give your boring day a boost!

  • Prix ball game is just another version of Crazy falling ball.
  • Labyrinth
Classic labyrinth game where you control the ball while avoiding holes and traps to reach the destination.

Currently there is only one level supported.

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