Monday, September 30, 2013

Web Service using F#

this is a code to read file from local disk:

make sure it runs in the console application.

 open System  
 open System.IO   
 open System.ServiceModel  
 open System.ServiceModel.Web  
 let siteRoot = @"c:\myCode\"  
 type MyContract() =  
   member this.Get(file:string) : Stream =  
     printfn "Requested : '%s'" file  
     let path = Path.Combine(siteRoot, file)  
     let fileExists = File.Exists(path)  
     if fileExists then  
       WebOperationContext.Current.OutgoingResponse.ContentType <- "text/html"  
       let bytes = File.ReadAllBytes(path)  
       upcast new MemoryStream(bytes)  
       printfn "cannot find %s" path  
       upcast new MemoryStream()  
 let startAt address =  
   let host = new WebServiceHost(typeof<MyContract>, new Uri(address))  
   host.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof<MyContract>, new WebHttpBinding(), "")  
    |> ignore  
 let server = startAt "http://localhost:8081/"  
 printfn "started service..."  
 ignore <| System.Console.Read()  
 printfn "closing service..."  
 printfn "closed"