Wednesday, February 19, 2020

SelfNote: VSCode setup

Recently I started to use the Azure cloud machine to do my coding work. I can still do my coding in my laptop using full Visual Studio but an Azure VM with VSCode will be much convenient. Low tech but works. :)

The following VSCode setup script helps me set up a new machine:

  1. open PowerShell 
  2. copy extension names to the clipboard (yes, Ctrl+C)
  3. run get-clipboard | % { code --install-extension $_ }


Monday, February 3, 2020

Docker Image build clean up using PowerShell on local PC

When I run the docker image to do the debug on PC, I was struggling to keep the hard disk space consumption low and running the recent binary in "Docker on Windows Desktop". This development stage, so I won't consider the Azure cloud for hosting.

I need a script to reclaim hard disk, remove the currently running container, build and run the new image in docker on windows desktop. 

The following code first removes unused images and then gets the image running on the port 5555. I will have to play the string replace tricks using PowerShell. Please check "-replace" part for details. 

#prune unused image
docker image prune -f

#remove existing running docker image
$a = docker container ls --filter expose=5555
$a2 = $a | foreach-object {$_ -replace '\s{3,}', '  '} | foreach-object {$_ -replace '  ', "`t"}
$obj = ConvertFrom-Csv -InputObject $a2 -Delimiter "`t"
if ($obj -ne $null)
    docker rm -f  $obj.names
    Write-Verbose "cannot find running container image so won't remove"

#build flask app and set its version to 1
docker build -t flaskapp:1 .
docker run -d -p 5555:5555 flaskapp:1

#test running instance
sleep -s 4
invoke-restmethod "http://localhost:5555/api/health"