Tuesday, August 9, 2011

F# basic data types and printfn

do not want to look up those symbols every time:

let int = 42
let string = "This is a string"
let char = 'c'
let bool = true
let bytearray = "This is a byte string"B
let hexint = 0x34
let octalint = 0o42
let binaryinteger = 0b101010
let signedbyte = 68y
let unsignedbyte = 102uy
let smallint = 16s
let smalluint = 16us
let integer = 345l
let usignedint = 345ul
let nativeint = 765n
let unsignednativeint = 765un
let long = 12345678912345L
let unsignedlong = 12345678912345UL
let float32 = 42.8F
let float = 42.8

printfn "int = %d or %A" int int
printfn "string = %s or %A" string string  //nice we have double quote around the string when use %A
printfn "char = %c or %A" char char  //nice we have single quote around the character when use %A
printfn "bool = %b or %A" bool bool
printfn "bytearray = %A" bytearray
printfn "hex int = %x or %A" hexint hexint
printfn "HEX INT = %X or %A" hexint hexint
printfn "oct int = %o or %A" octalint octalint
printfn "bin int = %d or %A" binaryinteger binaryinteger
printfn "signed byte = %A" signedbyte
printfn "unsigned byte = %A" unsignedbyte
printfn "small int = %A" smallint
printfn "small uint = %A" smalluint
printfn "int = %i or %A" integer integer
printfn "uint = %i or %A" usignedint usignedint
printfn "native int = %A" nativeint
printfn "unsigned native int = %A" unsignednativeint
printfn "long = %d or %A" long long
printfn "unsigned long = %A" unsignedlong
printfn "float = %f or %A" float32 float32
printfn "double = %f or %A" float float

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