Monday, February 6, 2012

Seattle F# user group meeting Feb 21, 2012

As the previous meetup, we have two sessions + one tiny program contest:

Ryan Riley  (F# MVP)
Title: Web Apps and APIs with F# Abstract: Most .NET web applications today
use ASP.NET WebForms or MVC. However, several F# libraries offer new ways to build web APIs and applications help reduce code and offer better abstractions, especially for single-page applications (SPA). We'll start with an existing web application written in C# using both WebForms and MVC and transition first to a F# application that follows the same patterns, then transition again to using several tools that expose the additional power offered by F#.

F# team member Jack Hu (MSFT)
Title: F#, American Dream
Since F# became a first-class programming language in Visual Studio 2010, it has been gaining popularity among the financial and scientific communities. In this talk, we will showcase several F# applications in the context of financial investments. We will highlight F#'s value propositions, through the themes of simplicity, powerfulness and programmer satisfaction. We'll also take a look at current industry adoptions, who uses F# and what they gain from it. The majority of the talk will be slightly technical and look at some of innovative aspects of F# 3.0 that help to simplify programming and achieve great results ' F# 3.0 typeProvider ' F# 3.0 Query ' FsharpChart ' .Net Integration ' Async programming ' Units of measure ' 

F# programming contest
question will be disclosed at end of the meeting and winner will be announced at the next meeting.

Special thanks to Chris Brockett from MSR for reserving a nice place for this meeting!

MSR (Microsoft building 99, room 1919-C)

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