Friday, May 11, 2012

F# on Cloud - 3 More Azure Samples

As leading the Shanghai F# team since Monday, I decide to enhance F#'s presence in the cloud computing. Actually more and more team inside and outside Microsoft use F# in their projects. And I have some information about other big names are using functional programming language as their major cloud programming language. Cannot really mentioned names for some well-known reason.. ;-)

I am excited that  I can be part of this process. Although other companies do not always use F#, but at least the trend is there. The Shanghai team has published three more F# samples. Because they are project (not a single file snippet), you have to download it before you can take a look. One picture is more than 1000 words, so take a look at the pictures below and you will know what you will get.

Hopefully you can learn something from these samples and get to love F# and cloud.. :-)

Please leave comments and requirement either here or on the web site. Please remember that the one of zip file is for Visual Studio 11 Preview. This is required for another several months because of our support policy.

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