Wednesday, February 12, 2014

F# Code Snippet Updated

I updated the F# code snippet addon for Visual Studio 2013. I will upload the source code to  once the source code is located. I really need to clean up the source code folder. There is no recompile is needed. The root cause for previous addon does not work on VS2013 is because this. The fix is simple, 

  1. download the code snippet vsix file
  2. rename it to .zip file because it is a zip file
  3. find the vsixmanifest file
  4. change InstallationTarget to


Anonymous said...

Can the snippets you created for Visual Studio be adapted and distributed with another editor? What are the licensing terms of these snippets? Thanks!

Tao said...

I do not think these code snippets can be adopted by other editor, but feel free to use these snippets. You can also updated them as you wish.

Anonymous said...

The XML code for Visual Studio snippets is quite similar to that of MonoDevelop. It shouldn't be hard to write a simple program to convert between the two.

Thank you very much!

Tao said...

Did not realize that it can be done in mono development. Let me google it and find the format. :)