Sunday, December 9, 2012

Remove F# snippet shortcut

I got email from Jack two weeks ago. He said F# code snippet is "too active". Yes, when you type, some shortcut keys will pop up and this is very annoying. The quick (and probably dirty) fix is to remove the shortcut key in the snippet file. The script file to remove the shortcut key is listed below. You can run it targeting to the snippet folder. Usually the folder is My Document \ < Visual Studio Folder > \Code Snippets\Visual F#.

If you are curious where is is the Shortcut key in the snippet file. Here is the screenshot.

The latest version snippets on the codeplex project does not have any shortcut key. You can download these snippets from codeplex project as well.

Although the shortcut key is removed, you still use Ctrl+K,X to show the snippet dialog.

 let (|ValidFolder|_|) folder =   
   match folder with  
   | _ when (File.GetAttributes(folder) &&& FileAttributes.Directory = FileAttributes.Directory) -> Some ValidFolder  
   | _ -> None  

 let removeShortcutTag (xmlFile:string) =   
   let doc = XDocument.Load xmlFile  
   |> Seq.tryFind (fun decendent -> decendent.Name.LocalName = "Shortcut")  
   |> function  
     | Some node ->   
       File.SetAttributes (xmlFile, ~~~FileAttributes.ReadOnly  
                      &&& ~~~FileAttributes.Hidden  
                      &&& ~~~FileAttributes.System)  
       node.Value <- String.Empty  
     | None -> ()  

 let processXMLFiles folder =   
   let xmlFiles = Directory.GetFiles(folder, "*.snippet")  
   |> Seq.iter (fun xmlFile -> removeShortcutTag xmlFile)  

 let rec processXML folder =   
   match folder with  
   | ValidFolder ->   
     let subFolders = Directory.EnumerateDirectories(folder)  
     processXMLFiles folder  
     |> Seq.iter processXML  
   | _ -> ()  

 processXML @"C:\MyCode\fsharpcodesnippet"  

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